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Well Drilling, Fairview Utah

Exploratory well drilling utah

Formation Sampling

Formation sampling is a technique used to keep track of the various rock and soil formations. We use the samples so that we can identify and track the different layers of rock. This aids in helping us identify any possible layers of rock that my produce undesirable circumstances or less than satisfactory water production.

Test hole drilling Utah

Test Hole Drilling

The primary purpose of test holes are to provide owners, engineers or municipality’s reasonable data that will help their organization with making decisions or weather a location will provide the water or minerals desired to move forward in a desired project.

Domestic Well Drilling Utah

Domestic/Residential Well Drilling

The primary operations of what we do are residential wells for homeowners. If you live in a rural area in Utah, then chances are you rely on a well for your water supply. Keep in mind, there are lot of great benefits and decrease in overall cost when owning a well. The maintenance you will need to keep up on is minimal and we are here to help. The minimum construction standard the is important for homeowners to know is that a 30′ surface seal is the minimum for a residential well.

Auger and pole boring Utah

Auger Foundation & Power Pole Boring

Our equipment is versatile and designed for drilling into solid rock and clay. Because of this, we provide auger and boring services for a variety of projects. Give us a call to see what services our equipment will be able to provide.

Horizonatal Auger Boring Utah

Public Water Supply Project

Removing a large diameter casing as the well is being filled with silica sand for a public water supply project.

Other Drilling Services

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is a grounding process that pipeline companies actually dissipate electrical current reducing the corrosion of the piping.

Blast Hole

Blast hole is a technique that requires the use of explosives. Of course these explosives are controlled. The explosives then break up the rock for excavation.

Municipal Well Drilling

Municipal construction standards apply to wells that are for the consumption of the larger populations or community wells. They range from 6″-30″ typically and the primary factor that sets them apart from typical domestic water wells are that they have a minimum standard of 100′ for the surface seal and a source protection certification from the DEQ.


Homeowners and businesses use irrigation wells to provide water to crops and gardens. See our agricultural pump and well system.

Stock Watering

Wells used for watering stock are similar to irrigation, but for the use of watering livestock. Wells used for watering stock are constructed to the
same standard as Domestic/Residential water wells.

Geothermal Drilling Projects

Geothermal Drilling Projects, AKA Heat loop systems are a type
heating and cooling system that utilizes the ground to push and pull
temperature from the ground and then circulate through the furnace/heat pump
in a home to provide the desired temperature/ climate control of the home or