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Water Well FAQ

We hope to develop a comprehensive site that informs our potential customers of some of the more important issues that people deal with and answer common FAQ.

If you have questions that you feel are not answered please email us and we will try to update and address them on this site…

What about Water Witches/Dowsers?
Why is there Rust in the water?
Why do I have a Rotten Egg Smell?
Can I Use Sprinklers?
What about Low Yield Areas?
What will my flow rate be?

Should I have my well witched?

We leave this up to the owner’s discretion.

There are those who will swear by it and those who think it’s a farce.

Most experienced drillers are the latter, including us.

Some drillers go along with the whole scheme because the witcher will recommend a driller who, in turn, will recommend the witcher to get more referrals.

One interesting side note. If you get three water witches to come separately and witch your well they most definitely will come up with three completely different locations. If there was something to it wouldn’t they all locate the same spot?

We recommend talking to your local driller first. They will generally have the best opinion for what will suit your needs.

The fact is that there is water just about everywhere. It is only matter of accessing it.

We are up front with every customer

As long as you don’t set up a budget based on what the witcher says, you will probably be OK.

We have yet to have a witcher give there money back for being wrong or put up the difference of the cost of drilling deeper than they said the well would be!!

They always take the credit when the driller hits water before they predicted it, and always blame the driller if the well ends up deeper than they predicted.

We have been told that we were 6″ off hitting water before… any five year old who has played in a sandbox with sand and made a pond of water could plead his case before a witcher. Its only a matter of time before the water saturates the sand and blows right through it.

As you can tell we don’t care for fortune tellers!! We have dealt with them for more than a hundred combined years… the stories are the same today as they were when my Grandpa was telling them!!

Why is there rust in the water?

Having a rust color simply indicates Iron or Iron bacteria. Both are very common and very normal in groundwater and can be treated in-house.

Why do I have a rotten egg smell?

Sulfur is very common in bedrock Aquifers and can be treated in house.

Can I use sprinklers?

As long as the flow rate of the well can sustain the prolonged pumping, then yes. There is a large range of pump sizes and horsepower, let us know your intentions with the well so we can best serve you at the time of your pump installation.

What about low yield areas?

Before any drilling occurs if we believe the area has slim chances of yielding a decent flow rate the client will be informed ahead of time so terms can be discussed and understood completely.

What will my flow rate be?

Until the well is completed, developed and tested, the flow rate cannot be determined. However, we can take comparisons to other wells in the area to get an idea what flow rate range we may be looking at but until its complete, we just don’t know.