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Fourth Generation Drilling Contractor

Water Well Drilling Fairview Utah

Water Well Drilling, Fairview UT

At Poulson Drilling, our goal is to provide a level of service that will exceed our customer’s expectations! We have over a century’s worth of experience as Utah well drillers.

When you contact Poulson Drilling you will receive a quality, personal experience that cannot be beat. You will feel confident working with our professionals because we ensure every job is done correctly. As a result, this will ensure your well is dependable and long lasting.  This will save you money down the road as well and you will understand how to avoid issues.

We are dedicated to installing, maintaining and repairing wells for our customers. When you contact our drilling company we will discuss your project goals. Our professionals focus on providing a pain-free experience for you and we will do all the leg work needed. Poulson Drilling firmly believes in continuing education and training for all our employees. Your well project will receive the best quality service because of our education and training programs.

Poulson Well Drilling

Our Top Drilling FAQs

Why Is There Rust In the Water?

Having a Rust color simply indicates Iron or Iron bacteria. Both are very common and very normal in groundwater and can be treated in-house.

Why Do I Have a Rotten Egg Smell?

Sulfur is very common in bedrock Aquifers and can be treated in house.

What About Low Yield Areas?

Before any drilling occurs if we believe the area has slim chances of yielding a decent flow rate the client will be informed ahead of time so terms can be discussed and understood completely.

Poulson Drilling is locally owned and operating in Central Utah

Water well drilling Utah

We are located in central Utah, as a result, we are the ideal location for many of our customers needing a well drilling company. Water well drilling doesn’t have to be a frustrating or a difficult project. You may feel well drilling is a complicated process, in contrast, it is quite simple when you are working with an experienced well driller. We do our best to educate and inform our customers because we care about your confidence in our work. Likewise, we strive to help our customers make informed decisions about their well.

There are several different kinds of wells, well pumps and well drilling techniques to choose from, therefore, we will evaluate your drill site for the best option. We have seen it all and experience it all, so ask us for advice or help in making decisions for your well. Whether its water wells, well drilling, pumps, municipal, agricultural, commercial, culinary, exploratory, geothermal or whatever your drilling needs may be, choose the best, choose Poulson Drilling.